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A tabby cat being stroked | Catsitter in Chiswick | Michi-Michi London Catsitters

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Meet Noemí

founder of Michi-Michi cat sitting
Noemi founder of Michi-Michi | Catsitter in Chiswick | Michi-Michi London Catsitters

Hello! I'm Noemí, and I'm the proud owner of Michi-Michi Cat Sitters, a cat sitting service that offers first-class care for your furry family members.

I have always had a special bond with cats, and I find it hard to resist saying hello to any cats I come across. Voodoo, my sweet tortoiseshell rescue cat, is an essential part of my life, and my late cat Micky, who shared his 17 years living with me, taught me a lot about feline behaviour. He showed me that cats are individuals with unique personalities and communication styles. Understanding their vocalizations and body language is crucial, and he taught me that cats are social creatures who enjoy affection but also value their personal space and independence. Micky brought immense joy and love into my life, and I'm forever grateful for the lessons he taught me.

Living in Spain, I collaborated with a rescue cat organization, and I fostered cats to help socialize and care for them before they went to their adoptive families. This experience taught me how to create a welcoming environment for cats, no matter their background.

When I moved to London, I faced a difficult situation - I didn't have family nearby, and our friends were far or had long working hours, making it challenging to rely on them for cat care. We eventually had to ask our neighbours, but I always worried if our cats were getting the proper care and attention while we were away as the communication wasn't great. It was a stressful experience, and I felt guilty for leaving them alone.

That's when I discovered the concept of cat sitting services. It was a revelation! I realized I could use my personal experience as a cat parent to provide a safe, reliable, and stress-free cat sitting service to other dedicated cat parents. I can help them avoid the guilt and worry I experienced and give them the peace of mind they deserve when they go on vacation or have to travel for work. What began as a side hustle in 2017 soon become my passion and career, and I'm excited to offer my services to you and your furry friends!

Ginger cat | Catsitter in Chiswick | Michi-Michi London Catsitters

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